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Services,what can I do for you?

Made to order garments, re-styling, alterations, shopping, repairs


Getting a garment custom made means that I am making something to your measurements and with your design sensibility.

Do you want your dress  to have a lot of ruffles?

Do you have a favorite color you would like to use?

Do you want sleeves? 

Swatch meeting with Mané Larraguibel for her purple dress. We were trying to find colors to complement her new shoes. 

Leslie Roybal had several fittings for her ombré flamenco style wedding gown. Photo above shows the first fitting in muslin.


A great idea for those out of style flamenco costumes in the back of your closet that you bought years ago !

Xianix Barrera's flamenco dress was re-shaped and re-cut. Looks like a new dress!!


These are charged by the hour. After a fitting, garments are hemmed, tightened, loosened or re-styled.

Celia La's purchased wedding gown needed to be shortened and taken in. This involved removing lace motifs and re-applying them after the dress was hemmed.

Dinorah Crespo bought this flamenco dress in Spain. It was 3 sizes too big as well as being too long!


An up-cycled garment is one that uses existing clothing to create something new. It's fun and good for the planet.

Check out my Up-Cycle Gallery for more samples.

Here I have appliquéd roses unto a vintage T shirt and combined it with my ombré ruffled skirt

Laura Reinhardt brought me this antique mantilla. I made it into a dress for her to dance the guajira.


 Need a dress? Or shoes, whatever you need to complete your look.

This silk chiffon gown was sourced and shortened for Jenny Lee Mitchell's wedding.


Before you throw out an old costume let me take a look, maybe it can be saved.


Repairs on a vintage bullfighter's jacket for Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana's annual show Navidad.

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