Mané at the Hispanic Day Parade


"I just love my dress...it is so me that I want to wear it everyday! Thank you Sally Lesser, you read my mind , you are amazing! :-) "

Mané Larraguibel



"THANK YOU! I absolutely adore my dress, almost as much as I adore you! Thank you for giving me this wonderful, beautiful, handmade piece of art. I'll treasure it always!"

Mary Ellen Rogusky



"SOLD...to Me! Thank you so much Sally Lesser! I love love love my Feria dress,it's so beautiful! I can't wait for "La Feria de Abril" and dance Sevillanas!"

Evel Ante Finkelstein

















My dress appears in a performance in Boise,Idaho!


"The dress is beautiful!"

Christina Mc Alpin



"Sally! I never would have thought to put these colors together, but I love the look! Thank you!"

Laura Reinhardt


another Hispanic Day Parade!


"Thank you Sally Lesser for reading my mind and putting the gothic me in a one of a kind flamenco dress..I am in love!"

Mané Larraguibel

Oliver Christie

Students of Nelida Tirado performing at Alvin Ailey in "Spotlight on Dance"

Kazue Takahashi,Evel Ante Finkelstein,Sherry Yamauchi, Rie Shimizu, Hypatia Martinez-Weiss, Maria-Jose Moncayo-Alvarez, Francesca Bartolini, Cynthia de Luise, Pete D'Mann, Sally Lesser, Jessica Berard, Julia Botero, Denise Schira.

"The costumes were designed by Sally Lesser who also performed, dresses are gorgeous and easy to dance with!"    

Evel Ante Finklestein

"Sally Lesser Designs did a phenomenal job, literally reconstructing my second hand dress from Spain. It now fits comfortably and moves beautifully while dancing! Sally Lesser Designs is the place to go with all of your flamenco alterations!"

Dinorah Crespo

Dinorah performed in this dress at the first New York City Certemen in 2014, sponsored by Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana at Lincoln Center.

"A special thank you goes out today to Sally Lesser who made me this gorgeous wedding dress. I couldn't have felt more beautiful any other way!"

Leslie Roybal

Leslie wears a custom made flamenco style wedding gown made of silk ombré.

"I love my dress"