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Flamenco tops of all kinds are available in stretch and non stretch fabrics. They are suitable for practice and performance.

Wrap Tops



Stretch Collection


Blouses, boleros, bata tops

Black lace wrap with single ruffle sleeve.

Polka dot wrap with single sleeve ruffle

Black wrap with red contrast neck ruffle,double sleeve ruffle.

Bolero Jackets

Solid black bolero with single sleeve ruffle, black lace edging.

Laura Reinhardt

wears an orange bolero banded with maroon.

Lycra bolero in vintage style fabric shown with Omayra skirt.



Embellished bolero. Lace layer over contrast lining. Single sleeve ruffle with ribbon and ruched lace.

Tie Blouses

Blouse ties in front. Features long sleeve with a single ruffle.

Non Stretch Collection

Bata de cola Tops

Rebecca Thomas wears a bata top made to match her existing skirt. It features a sweetheart neck banded with contrast fabric and a double ruffle on the sleeve. It has a separating zipper in back.

Laura Peralta wears a bata top made to match her existing bata. The contrast color of the skirt is echoed in the neck piping and the lining of the sleeve ruffle. Separating zipper in back.


Rebecca Thomas wears the short, black fitted vest to perform at

Alegrias en La Nacional Theater,NYC

Eyelet Wrap Blouse

Rebecca Thomas wears a wrap front cotton eyelet blouse. It features a 3/4 length sleeve with a single ruffle, trimmed with mini rick-rack. Separating zipper in back.

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