Upcycle, creative re-use



Gently worn lycra blouse becomes a flamenco dress with 4 ruffles and lace appliqué. Great for Feria!


All cotton flamenco dress is gently worn with added sleeves and godets of floral fabric. The skirt is lined in red and there is a back zipper

All cotton flamenco dress is made of gently worn gingham pieces mixed with polka dot fabric. It features a peek-a-boo back and has a zipper closure.

Little Idaho 2

Cotton flamenco dress made with vintage blouse, embellished gingham skirt with appliquéd flowers , strips of polka dot fabric and a single ruffle at the hem. Little Idaho 2 is fully lined and has a side zipper. Great for Feria!

Little Idaho


Vintage lycra halter top becomes a flamenco dress with the addition of a black gored lycra skirt trimmed with contrasting polka dot fabric ruffles. 

Summer Blue

Vintage dotted swiss dress mixes with purchased polka dot skirt. to become a flamenco dress. All cotton with zipper closure. Great for Feria.


The addition of puffed sleeves edged with red trim turns this tank top into a flamenco blouse, 0lé!

Ombré Roses

Purchased cotton T shirt is embellished with appliquéd roses then joined with lycra spandex ombré ruffled skirt to become a flamenco dress that's great for Feria!